List of Specialized Subjects / General Education Subjects

List of Specialized Subjects

Grade 1Grade 2Grade 3Grade 4
Required Subj.
Computer for Natural Science A
Introduction to AM and ME
Ex. in Math. for Mechanical Eng. I
Ex. in Math. for Mechanical Eng. II
Ex. in Phys. for Eng.
Computer Programming I
Foundation of AI
Computer Programming II
Basic Mechanical Expt.
Sensing and Information Representation
Adv. Seminar on AI and ME A
Adv. Seminar on AI and ME B
Reading Seminar of Foreign Literature
Research Work
Basic Subj.
Calculus I
Calculus II
Linear Algebra I
Linear Algebra II
Logic Circuit
Discrete Mathematics
Strength of Materials I
Career Design
Analysis for Eng. I
Mechanical Mechanics I
Automata Theory
Control Eng.
Systems and Signals
Machine Learning I
Data Structure and Algorithms
Computer Programming III
Probability and Statistics for Eng.
Information Theory

Advanced Subj.

Material Mechanics II
Mathematical Logic
Data Science
Graphs and Networks
Image Processing
Optimization Theory
Analysis of Eng. II
Machine Learning II
Virtual Reality
Human-Computer Interaction
Mechanical Mechanics II
Heat and Flow
Mechanical Design
Modern Control Theory
Knowledge Processing
Data Mining
Analytical Mechanics
Electromagnetics I
Numerical Computing
Cognitive Information Processing

AI/ME Ex. Subj.

Ex. in Deep Learning
Machine Learning Expt.
Ex. in Image Processing
Service Robot Expt.
Mechanical System Expt.
Ex. in Hum. Comp. Interaction
X.Cognitive Info. Processing
Ex. in Ergonomics Computing

CS Ex. Subj.

Ex. in Math. Programming
Ex. in Knowledge Processing
Ex. in Information Theory
Ex. in Numerical Calculation
Ex. in Graphs and Networks
Ex. in Data Structure and Algo.
Ex. in Compiler
Ex. in computer Networks
Ex. in Data Mining
Ex. in Entertainment Computing
Ex. in Affective Computing
Ex. in Computer Graphics
Ex. in Network Computing

Specialized Electives
Computer Architecture
Computer Networks
Introduction to Computer Science
Operating System
Probability Statistics I
Coding Theory
Music Informatics
Entertainment Computing
Computer Graphics
Affective Computing
Modeling Physics
Computational Geometry
Software Engineering
Network Computing
Theory of Comput. Complexity
Ex. in Information Processing
Crypto. and Info. Security
Interaction Design
Network Design
Database Systems

Other Area Subj.
General Physics A
General Physics B
Life Science I
Life Science II
Physics Demonstration I
Overseas Program for Eng. A
Overseas Program for Eng. B
Sci-Tech Special Program 002
Information Society & People
Media Society
Physical Expt. I
Introduction to Geometry
Physics Demonstration II
Electric and Electronic Circuit Basics
SciTech English A
SciTech English B
Special English Seminar
Intellectual Property Strategies
Law and Ethics of Cyber Space

Required Subjects

To acquire essential basic knowledge and skills in the field of specialization through lectures and practical training. back to Table

Basic Subjects

To acquire basic knowledge in the field of specialization through lectures. back to Table

Advanced Subjects

Acquired basic knowledge and knowledge for applying basic skills through lectures, etc. back to Table

Intelligent / Mechanical Engineering Training / Experimental Subjects

Students gain the ability of basic skills, computer skills, and basic knowledge to systematically and structurally understand and to think logically through experiments, exercises, and practical training. back to Table

Information Technology Training / Experimental Subjects

Students will acquire the ability of systematic and basic skills in computer science, computer skills, and basic knowledgeto structurally understand and think logically through experiments, exercises, and practical training. back to Table

Specialized Electives

Develop a wide range of education and perspectives mainly on natural sciences and science and technology other than major fields, and to acquire knowledge that will be an extension. back to Table

Other Area Subjects

back to Table

List of General Education Subjects

Grade 1Grade 2
Christian Subjects Introduction to Christianity A
Introduction to Christianity B

English Education Subjects English Reading I-A
English Writing I-A
English Communication I-A
English Reading I-B
English Writing I-B
English Communication I-B
Introductory English I-A
Introductory English I-B
English Reading II-A
English Writing II-A
English Communication II-A
English Reading II-B
English Writing II-B
English Communication II-B
Introductory English II-A
Intrductory English II-B
Elective Subjects German (Translation) I French (Translation) I German (Grammar) I French (Grammar) I Latin (Grammar)
Philosophy Logic Psychology Law Constitution of Japan Economics Introduction to Cybersociety Regional Geography
German (Translation) II French (Translation) II German (Grammar) II French (Grammar) II Latin (Translation)
Occidental History Sociology Science and Ethics Art and Technology

Christian Subjects

By forming a human being based on Christianism, which is the founding spirit of this university, Have students acquire basic attitudes such as discipline, ethics, and cooperation with others. back to Table

English Education Subjects

Students will acquire comprehensive English communication skills so that they can transmit information by themselves using English, which is a common language in the fields of natural science and science and technology. back to Table

Elective Subjects

Acquire a wide range of education and perspectives on society, culture, human beings, natural science and science and technology. back to Table