To Learn

In the course of intelligence and mechanical engineering, through education, the students acquire the mathematical skills necessary for both artificial intelligence and mechanical engineering, and based on that, machine learning and imagery such as deep learning and Bayesian learning. They can also obtain expertise related to artificial intelligence such as information processing and biological information processing, and mechanical engineering such as mechanical dynamics, control engineering, robotics, and mechatronics.

Furthermore, through research, students will cultivate a wide range of knowledge and deep thinking skills, including other fields, as well as research capabilities and technological capabilities to evolve them, or specialized knowledge related to VR and interfaces that have been integrated and advanced.

Character after Graduation

The intellectual and mechanical engineering courses are education / strength that spans both mechanical engineering, which has long supported society as one of the backbones of the engineering field, and artificial intelligence technology, which has been achieving remarkable development and rapid spread in society in recent years. Through research, we aim to develop highly creative human resources with a wide range of knowledge and deep thinking skills as well as specialized knowledge related to artificial intelligence.

After graduation, the students will be expected to become human resources that can contribute to the creation of new industries using state-of-the-art technology development to highly intelligentize various machine systems that are expected to further diversify in the future, creation of highly intelligent machine systems required for the future society.