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Reference:Department of Human Systems Interaction / Course of 2020

Reference:Department of Human Systems Interaction / Support System for Job Hunting

Introduction to Student Life

1st-year Students-Experience Campus Life-

Entrance ceremony at Nishinomiya Uegahara Campus.

Orientation at Kobe-Sanda campus. There is also a lunch with the teacher.

Also packed with events such as New Moon Festival and Christmas worship.

2nd-year Students-Learning about the Subject Widely-

In experimental subjects and practical training subjects, students learn the basics of artificial intelligence and mechanical jerking.

3rd-year Students-Deepen Professional Learning-

In field training, students are assigned to each laboratory.

Full of practical training subjects such as machine learning, image processing, and robot control.

4th-year Students-Experience Cutting-edge Research-

At the open campus, the research content was introduced to high school students. In open labs, you can teach what you have learned.

Announced the results of graduation research at a public hearing on campus.

Master's Course-Challenging the World's Leading Edge-

Presents cutting-edge research results at domestic and international conferences.

The master's thesis summarizes the three years spent in the laboratory.

Campus Introduction

Kobe Sanda Campus

Introduction of Kobe-Sanda Campus (KSC)