Masataka IMURA, Professor

Virtual Reality Laboratory

Virtual reality that activates and supports intellectual activities
Office hours: Tuesday 5th period

Takeshi OKADOME, Professor

Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

Predict the future and automatically generate novels and video content based on it
Office hours: (Spring) Tuesday 2nd period (Autumn) Monday 3rd period

Koh KAKUSHO, Professor

Image Information Processing Laboratory

Intelligent media processing for communication
Office hours: Thursday 3rd period

Suguru N. KUDOH, Professor

Laboratory for Neurointelligence Engineering

Exploring the mechanism of intelligence by creating a small brain
Office hours: Thursday 2nd period

Yasuyuki KONO, Professor

Human Computer Interaction Laboratory

Real-world interactions that enrich everyday life
Office hours: (Spring) Monday 3rd period (Autumn) Thursday 3rd period

Norihiko SAGA, Professor

Bio Robotics Laboratory

Mechatronics for human support based on living things
Office hours: Wednesday 5th period

Daisuke CHUGO, Professor

Service Robotics Laboratory

Service robotics to support people
Office hours: Thursday 3rd period

Keizo MIYAHARA, Professor

Mechatronics Engineering Laboratory

Mechatronic systems with mobility
Office hours: (Spring) Wednesday 1st period (Autumn) Thursday 2nd period

Takeshi KAWABATA, Professor

Speech and Spoken Language Processing Laboratory

Exploring what kind of conversation is comfortable for humans
Office hours: Wednesday 5th period

■During the hours set up as office hours, faculty members are in designated places such as private laboratories unless there is a special need, so please be willing to use it as a meeting place.