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【Event】Professor Daisuke Chugo (Service Robotics Laboratory) will be exhibiting the Eco Brake wheelchair at Yokohama Robot World 2023 (Service Robot Exhibition / Exhibitor List) being held at Pacifico Yokohama on November 8th and 9th, 2023. "Eco Brake Wheelchair" is a driving support device for manual wheelchairs. By attaching brake units equipped with this technology to both the left and right wheels of a JIS-standard manual wheelchair, the wheelchair can be maneuvered even on slopes as if it were on flat ground. This is a system that supports operations. You can try the Eco Brake wheelchair prototype at Pacifico Yokohama Hall A, booth 4-17. Please come and visit us. [Kwansei Gakuin University booth (from the right: Coordinator Mr. Hayama, Prof. Chugo, and Mr. Xu (M2))]
【Award】At the ACM UIST2023 (Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology) Student Innovation Contest held from October 29th to November 1st, Project Practical P04 “UIST Student Contest Submission” member Mr. Yuto Nagao (B3) Mr. Soichiro Fukuda (B3)'s presentation received Honorable Mention in the People's Choice category.
Yuto Nagao and Soichiro Fukuda, "4-Frame Manga Drawing Support System". [Commemorative photo taken at the venue] [Certificate] [Human Computer Interaction Laboratory / NEWS]
【Award】At the 26th issue of the International Conference on Climbing and Walking Robots and the Support Technologies (CLAWAR2023) held from October 2nd to 4th, the presentation by Service Robotics Laboratory received the Highly Commended Paper of Industrial Robot and CLAWAR2023.
Assistive walker which stabilizes the user's posture and prevent falls through abnormal gait pattern recognition, Daisuke Chugo1, Yao Li2, Satoshi Muramatsu 3, Sho Yokota4, Jinhua She5 and Hiroshi Hashimoto6[Certificate] [At the award ceremony, CLAWAR board members Emeritus Professor Bridge (London South Bank University) and Professor Chugo]
1School of Engineering, Kwansei Gakuin University
2Graduated in 2022 from School of Science and Technology, Kwansei Gakuin University
3Associate Professor, School of Information Science and Technology, Tokai University
4Professor, Facility of Science and Enginenring, Toyo University
5School of Engineering, Tokyo University of Technology
6Professor, Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Institute of Technology
【Award】At the 39th Fuzzy Systems Symposium/FSS2023 held from September 5th to 7th, the presentation by Mr. Hiroki Asada (Laboratory for Neurointelligence Engineering, D1) received the FSS Excellent Presentation Award.
Hiroki Asada “Instantaneous spatial pattern identification of cultured neural networks using deep learning” [Certificate]
【Award】At Entertainment Computing 2023 held from August 30th to September 2nd, Mr. Masahiro Kawamori (Virtual Reality Laboratory, D2) received a demonstration recommendation certification (recommended by a judge) and an excellent demonstration award (participant vote) was awarded.
Masahiro Kawamori and Masataka Imura “Consideration of VR game for improving eyesight” [Certificate]
【Project】The Robocon Circle "K.G. Robocon Circle ~AiMEiBA~" won the "Rescue Engineering Encouragement Award" at the Rescue Robot Contest 2023. [University News] [Competition Results / Award Results]
【Project】Volunteer teams of 3rd year and 1st year students of Department of Engineering, Artificial Intelligence and Mechanical Engineering Course passed the planning examination of the Interverse Virtual Reality Challenge (IVRC), in which teams centered on students plan and produce interactive works, and advanced to SEED STAGE (face-to-face experience examination). [Advance work of SEED STAGE]
【Project】The Robocon circle "K.G. Robocon Circle ~AiMEiBA~" participated in the 2023 Micromouse Kansai Regional Competition, and two members will advance to All Japan Micromouse Contest / All Japan Student Micromouse Competition. [University News] [Kansai Region Tournament Results List]
【Event】Virtual Reality Laboratory exhibited a VR experience booth for memory impairment in dementia, and more than 170 people experienced it.
Kawanishi Hankyu Co., Ltd. and dementia regional support promoters of the Kawanishi City Regional Comprehensive Support Center collaborated to hold this event as a dementia awareness event.
Date: August 2nd (Wednesday) to 8th (Tuesday)
Location: Kawanishi Hankyu 1F The Season [Kawanishi Hankyu event information] [Kawanishi City press release]
Department of Engineering, Artificial Intelligence and Mechanical Engineering Course has opened.

An engineering course to learn from basics to applications of artificial intelligence and mathematical machines

In the Intelligent and Mechanical Engineering course, students can learn various knowledge and techniques for building intelligent mechanical systems from the basics of artificial intelligence and mechanical engineering. In addition, students can acquire design and development technology that integrates different fields between an artificial intelligence system based on machine learning and a mechanical system based on mathematical models and biological mechanisms. You can also experience cutting-edge research that covers both artificial intelligence and mechanical engineering, such as intelligent robotics.

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